Laboratories to replace slaughterhouses?

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, any human with compassion would be vegetarian. Or, at the very least, practise eating less meat. But slaughterhouses do not have glass walls, they are often tucked away in some remote area so that what goes on there remains “unknown” to humans who would rather not know or think about it. They are always located “far away” so that we cannot hear the screams of terror and the cries for help. Every single day. All over the world.

Just eat, don’t think about where the meat comes from. Because to many, eating is all about satisfying the pleasures of the tongue. That is why many come up in arms when their eating choices are being questioned.

Can this replace slaughterhouses and end the unimaginable and horrendous suffering and cruelty in factory farming one day? It is not ideal, of course, but if it can end the suffering….why not?

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