Neutering and anti-rabies vaccination aid for Perak (a special project)

We received this extremely disturbing news yesterday:

We will never forget what happened up north in 2015 where thousands of innocent street animals were brutally and mercilessly massacred in cold blood, where those in power refused international help to control whatever it is that they thought they had to control, where those in power refused to listen to those with the knowledge and proven experience even when help was offered free of charge.

In view of this and what is reported in that news article above, shelter is the most important help right now. But we don’t have any resources to provide that.

We are only a neutering fund. Granted, neutering takes time and cannot provide the instant, urgent solution that is so needed right now, but doing something, no matter how small, is still better than doing nothing at all.

So, we are offering this on a weekly basis, renewable every week.

(1) Starting today, our neutering aid is open to Perak dogs and cats with an extended limit of up to 5 animals per week as long as we have the funds. Please write to to enquire.

Our policies apply and all requirements must be met:  The only difference for Perak applicants is that the limit is extended to 5 animals per week. Please refer to the policy page to keep yourselves updated as change can happen anytime.

(2) We are also offering an anti-rabies vaccination aid of RM30 per dog with proof of vaccination (card stamped and signed by the vet, photo of animal) for up to 5 dogs per week as long as we still have funds.  Please refer to this for full details: Please do whatever is needed to ensure that the authorities in your area can identify that your dogs have been vaccinated against rabies (tags, microchip, etc.) so that they can be spared from capture.

We have enquired the cost of an anti-rabies vaccination in several clinics in Perak and Selangor and the price ranges from RM50-RM60 per vaccine.

We hope this helps.

Most importantly, even though they are neutered and vaccinated, based on whatever that is reported in that article, the authorities are going for “stray-free” in certain areas so for feeders in Perak, please do your best to seek shelter for your animals.  Please do this to safeguard them. This is of utmost importance.  

Let’s do all we can to save these innocent animals. Let it not be a repeat of that tragic event up north in 2015 where ignorance and arrogance ruled the day.

Kindly share this with family and friends in Perak. Thank you.

1 comment to Neutering and anti-rabies vaccination aid for Perak (a special project)

  • Terry

    This is a great initiative! However, providing support in terms of neutering and vaccination funds alone won’t be enough. There also needs to be advocacy, not just by animal welfare organisations, but also from the public.

    The public needs to also talk to the local councils to decide upon a way to identify stray who have been vaccinated and/or neutered. Only by working together, can we solve these public health issues together.