Ginger’s wish came true

A few days ago, Ginger was having some vomiting problem.

Every once in a while, Ginger has this problem. I think he may have some stomach issues.

So, since I have Vincent’s antacid, I decided to give Ginger a dose (and this is after 2 days of intermittent vomiting – I was hoping the issue would resolve by itself, but it did not).

Ginger was SO, SO, SO, SO incredibly happy!  Yes, at being given “medicine”.  He’s been so jealous of Vincent because (1) Vincent gets to eat whenever Vincent wants, (2) Vincent gets medicine (which is only confined to Fortekor these days, and the antacid, when needed, (3) Vincent gets subcut.

Ginger opened his mouth willingly and took the antacid. Then, I gave him some Complivit (the multivit) to help the antacid go down, and again, he was SO happy!

The one dose of antacid worked. No more vomiting after that. But I think he was more happy that he was given “some medicine” rather than that his vomiting had stopped!

So, when do I get medicines again? 

As the Chinese would say: Choi! Choi! Choi!


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