What happened during the CNY week…

It’s been a relaxing one-week break!  Here are some photos of what’s been going on.

We will start with a puzzle….

Who is this? Haha…

We set this up for Tabs and she has been really so happy with it!

Vincent with my mum, on CNY eve. He is the perfect host.

Vincent has more or less settled down to eating 3 times a day now.

From the family hall upstairs, Vincent migrated to our bedroom, but not in hiding.

From there to downstairs, and currently, his favourite place is at the patio, behind the trolley. It’s good that he can get some sun.

Since I have been on leave, I do the subcut early in the morning and it’s actually better. Might just continue doing this next week when the college reopens. After all, it only takes 5 minutes to do it.


This means:
For Ginger: I want to get out to chase Buddy away.
For Vincent: I want to get out, under the pretext of communal eating with Zurik and Buddy, but actually, I just want to escape out of the gate and go sit inside the drain. 

You are NOT going out, Vincent. It is not safe for you.

Neither is it for you, Ginger.

Ginger, the rabbit!

But make no mistake, do not underestimate Ginger. He can be a force to be reckoned with. He has been extremely annoyed with Buddy, right? But so far, we have managed to prevent him from going out to the porch, until…..


He rammed his way out, “like a rhinoceros” (in the words of husband whose had opened Stargate2 and Ginger rammed his way out). He chased Buddy (the fur-flying type) all the way out of the gate, to the park (all over) and back into the drain.

Who won?

I think Ginger won.

Then, he went up for a victory lap on the roof and seemed to be scolding Zurik, “WHY have you been letting Buddy come in to eat all this while? Why???”

Zurik didn’t think an answer was required, though.

From the roof, Ginger went to the back. I was worried and hoped he would come back soon. Mr G’s house no longer has cats outside, all cats are indoors now (which is good because there had been cases of poisoning over there).

It was after an hour or so that Ginger was making noise on our roof. He was trying to come in to upstairs from the roof.

Okay, he’s back!

Don’t go out, Ginger. It’s just not safe.

On the first day of CNY, Tabs was following us all over the house when we were about to leave for my mum’s house, so we took a HUGE risk and brought her along.

That proved to be a most unwise decision. Tabs was so stressed and could not settle down at all. She went upstairs in the house and hyperventilated. We had to bring her home as soon as we could and she ended up skipping lunch (too traumatic to even eat) and spent the whole afternoon thereafter sleeping like a log (picture above).

It was only in the evening that she was back to her own self.

NO MORE taking her out!!

I’m staying home, not going anywhere. 

After Tabs recovered from her outing “trauma”.

Remember Mr Kekok? Indy!!

Unlike Indy, Ms Poldrey Hepburn loves being cradled.

So, back to the first photo, who is that cat hiding behind the cushion?

Yes, it was Heidi!!

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