Vincent and Ginger created “magic” in the air

Our niece and family visited us last night.

Here are some photos:

The moment they entered through the door, our feline (the 3 little lions) welcoming committee was on hand to greet them!

This is unprecedented and has NEVER happened before. Ever.

And you know why? Because there was a little animal lover in the midst!

Normally, Tabs, Heidi and Ginger will run away and hide when strangers come to our house. Only Vincent will play host (unless it’s a person who does not like animals, then even Vincent will hide).

But last night, it was truly unprecedented and even I was surprised – all four were there, on hand, to greet our guests!

Our little grandniece was SO happy and delighted, she was literally jumping for joy. She is only 3 years old and does not have a pet.

Vincent was already there, rubbing his body onto our nephew-in-law’s legs. Vincent had chosen him.

Ginger stole the little girl’s heart…totally!

She has never had a pet, and yet she was not the least bit afraid.

Look at that happy face – is it not worth a million ringgit?

The little one spent more than an hour, absolutely thrilled with Ginger, Vincent, Tabs and even Cow.

It was pure happiness!  You cannot have it more genuine than this. Her mum says she is normally very shy and “all frozen” when she is out of the house, but not when she was here last night.

There was “magic” in the air – thanks to the genuine, unmistakable bond between the pure hearts of animal and human. It’s always there. It’s just that some adult humans forget.

As always, Vincent was the perfect host. Always.

Only we know that Vincent has kidney failure. But to Vincent, life goes on as usual, moment by moment. He is the perfect host. He does this duty, faithfully. Always.

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