Vincent, Zurik and Buddy’s stories

This is Vincent’s new nest for the mornings and evenings. He loves hiding in here. But when it is hot in the afternoons, he goes back upstairs to our bedroom at this “other” nest.

Because Buddy snatches Zurik’s food all the time, today we started a new meal protocol at the porch. Zurik will eat inside Stargate2 while Buddy eats outside. There’s no choice because Buddy eats too fast and then, literally and physically snatches Zurik’s food. Zurik is too much of a gentleman to put up any fight, so he would move aside to let Buddy eat.

Ginger: Let me get at him….

Go home, Buddy! You’ve already eaten.

Zurik had a second breakfast after Buddy went home.

Poor Zurik. He is such a good friend to Buddy that if he eats in the evening and Buddy has not come, he will only eat half his food and leave half for Buddy.  We can hear Buddy coming because of his bell and yes, he WILL come.

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