Neutering aid for 5 dogs in Seri Manjung, Perak (Mohd Khalil Sofi bin Harun’s)

We have provided an aid of RM500 for the neutering of these 5 dogs.

As published on 1st February 2019, due to the news report in Perak, we extended our limit to 5 animals for all Perak applicants and also offered an anti-rabies vaccination aid for Perak dogs.  Unfortunately, there has been no takers from Perak for this anti-rabies vaccination aid.

As for neutering, so far, it is only En Khalil Sofi who has taken up our offer with these 5 dogs.

This aid of RM500 is contributed by Sis Nanda Leonie Hong Siew Lan (thank you so much!).

One of the black dogs has been adopted. The rest have gone back to their colony.

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