Zurik is….angry?

We were called away over the weekend to attend a funeral in Kuala Kangsar, so we were away for about 24 hours in all.  Luckily I managed to arrange for our part-time cleaner to come in to feed the cats.  She is the only person with whom all the cats are familiar and she also loves them.

As for Vincent, I did the subcut before leaving and managed to come back in time the next day to do the subcut, so he did not miss any.

When we returned, as expected, all the cats showed no emotion (of course they don’t, they are cats, not dogs) except for Vincent. He talked a lot, probably complaining? The first thing I did, even before I took a bath, was to do his subcut. That’s the most important thing.

According to the part-time cleaner (aka our cat sitter), Vincent was unsure whether to eat or not at breakfast, but later, “ate a lot” at lunch time. Everyone was very well fed as evidenced by them being not at all hungry the whole night.

But Zurik did not turn up this morning. Buddy did, though.

Of course Buddy did, right?

I called for him this morning, but he did not turn up at all.

By afternoon, Zurik had not come for food, so that got me worried. I went out to look for him.

But I called the part-time cleaner to ask if she fed Zurik and she said yes. Both Zurik and Buddy came to eat yesterday – on two occasions too.

I found him…on the neighbour’s roof (his usual hideaway).

But he decided he didn’t want to come down.

It took some coaxing before he started to move.

Here he comes!!

Back, safe and sound!

Meanwhile, Vincent is eating like a horse.

But he did urinate on my leg early this morning while I was sleeping.

Well, you got to pay for disappearing for 24 hours, right?

Many thanks to our part-time cleaner for looking after the cats while we were gone.

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