Vincent’s meal menu

In the last two days, Vincent wasn’t too keen on his food.

He ate, but he was able to make me realise (I don’t know how, but he has this ability) that he wanted something else.

Finally, it dawned on me this morning – I knew what he wanted!

Raw chicken fillet!!

Yes, I was so sure of it. So after work today, I went to buy some.

More, please? 

All in, he ate up half a pack of the chicken fillet. That’s enough for now, Vincent.

Besides this, Vincent still loves raw chicken liver, but I dare not give too much for fear of toxicity. I was told raw chicken liver should be kept at 5% for any normal cat. But since Vincent needs iron to make blood, it can be a little more than that, but still, not too much each day.

So now, it’s chicken fillet season! I’m glad I managed to figure it out.

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