We lost the “Battle of the Hole”

It’s been ongoing for months now.

It was exactly one year ago (just before CNY last year) that Cow, Bunny and Indy were exiled to the pantry because they were spraying so much in the room and I had the severe backache where I could not even bend in the slightest, what more bend down to wipe the sprays.

Note: My backache was completely cured after 2 weeks of Stretch Therapy. What a miracle!

Anyway, Indy very quickly found that he could scale the netting and come in, BUT he knew he had to behave and he DID NOT spray. So, he got to stay.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said with Cow & Bunny.

Firstly, the two seniors are too lazy to attempt to climb anything. Secondly, even when we let them in, they would still spray.

So, the two stayed in the pantry for many months with just the occasional trip inside every now and then.

Pole and Cleo were the happiest because the mother and daughter has the “hole” access to the room. The hole is too small for Cow & Bunny to get in. The girls got the room all to themselves and most importantly – the room was now CLEAN and has no smell.

But come festivals with fireworks or thunderstorms of which Cow is terrified (not Bunny, though), Cow would get all desperate and bite the netting until the hole is big enough for him to get in. When this happens, the equilibrium is disturbed and Pole and Cleo would migrate out.

“When Cow comes in, we go out” – that is Pole and Cleo’s policy.

The room just isn’t big enough for all of them, you know.

Lately, because of the CNY fireworks (even before CNY), the same thing happened again. Cow got in. With it, as blind as he was, even Bunny knew that the hole was big enough now, so Bunny came in too.

Initially, there was no spraying….wow!!  But it was short-lived joy, no sooner than one could even revel in that joy, the spraying restarted.

Of course it would now, wouldn’t it? These two are super alphas. They HAVE to spray.

Pole and Cleo migrated out.

We have repaired the hole so many times until we have more or less given up now.

It was just a matter of time – the humans will buckle under.
We cats have tremendous patience. 

The trouble is, Cow & Bunny know how to come in, but they don’t know how to go out!

Cow & Bunny: Hahahaha….she thinks we don’t know how to go out???  Hahahaha….

It took a very long time before you’d get to see this – Bunny and Pole together, in the room.

Cleo still refuses to come in if Cow is in the room.

As for Indy, he has also migrated out now. Maybe it’s just a phase.

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