Updates on Cow and the Battle of the Hole

So far, Cow and Bunny have still been coming into the room, but spraying only happens occasionally (I think!), and although I cannot be 100% sure.  My nose has been desensitised after all these years, but I think maybe, just maybe, Cow is getting the message?

I’ll be the happiest if Cow & Bunny don’t spray anymore. This means no more netting and everyone can come in and out as he/she pleases.

Cleo: I’m training Cow. Give me some time….and a few more smacks. 

Cow & Bunny’s special bonding time. This is an old picture, though. Note Cleo’s balding at her flanks. It has improved quite a bit now.

The girls only come in when Cow & Bunny go out.

Such is the equilibrium at Bunny’s Place!

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