Anti-rabies vaccination aid to end on 28th February 2019

We offered an anti-rabies vaccination aid for Perak dogs as our immediate response to the news of the planned “zero stray dog policy” in Perak, on 1st February 2019:

Sadly (or maybe not), there were no takers for this offer. We requested the help of Perak friends to help publicise this offer widely too. No one has applied for it.

When we asked a Perak applicant, he says there was no rabies in his area, so why simply subject his dogs to the anti-rabies vaccination?  Might as well just continue neutering.

True. He is right. Neutering is more important.

So, was this another uncalled-for fear of an “outbreak” ala-2015? Luckily it did not proceed as it did in 2015 which caused tens of thousands of unnecessary and tragic deaths.

But back to our anti-rabies vaccination offer, since since it’s already the 23rd today and there are still no takers for this offer, we are ending the offer by the end of this month.

However, the extended maximum limit of 5 animals per week for Perak animals will continue until the end of March 2019.

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