Vincent is home, but…

Vincent is home now.

I reached the vet’s at about 6pm this evening. Vincent was fast asleep, so I decided not to wake him. He was on drips and also mildly sedated due to the medicines.  I went in to peek at him several times. Finally, I called him softly and he woke up and was excited. He rolled over and wanted me to pet him.

The vet showed me his blood test results and none of the readings were alarming except for the white blood cell reading which was very high, indicative of an infection, probably in the mouth which had led to the ulcers. The vet the ulcers were still not as bad as before (yes, in July/August 2018) where there were “craters” on the tongue. There were some ulcers in the mouth and some pus but the tongue was “rough” (presence of ulcers). Still not as bad as before. To address the infection, Vincent will be on Metrogyl (an antibiotic). He would also have to be on Omeprazole (the antacid) on a daily basis since he has an ongoing gastric problem. Maybe the toxins are causing a burning sensation in his digestive tract from the mouth to the stomach, so it is painful.

Surprisingly, the creatinine level had dropped from the previous reading of 580 to only 258. I thought this was good, but the vet said the drop does not show much. His electrolyte readings are all also normal. His heart and lungs are normal too (no presence of fluid). But even though the readings are normal, Vincent’s prognosis is still poor. The vet said the “normal readings” were probably because of the daily subcut which has been doing some flushing of the toxins.

The vet further explained that when Vincent was brought in this morning, his body temperature was low and he appeared very lethargic too. Vincent was cold and that is not a good sign. He had also urinated in the car, so they had to clean him up and dry him with a hair dryer, then put him on a heating pad which he clearly did not like. I know, he refuses to even lay on a towel or blanket at home. He insists on laying on the floor. He gets very, very upset if we force him to sit on a towel, so we don’t.

The body coldness, the muscle wastage and the lethargy are all not good signs, the vet said. She says we must be prepared.

I know this day will eventually come.

I know, but how prepared am I, I do not know.

The vet thought it would be good to leave the IV-pod on Vincent in case he needs to be on IV again on Wednesday. The clinic is closed tomorrow, so if Vincent can eat on his own by tomorrow, the IV-pod can be removed on Wednesday. If he doesn’t, he would need to be on IV again on Wednesday as he was severely dehydrated today. Subcut just wouldn’t cut it.

Vincent’s medication plan now is the following:
Metrogyl (an antibiotic for the infection)
Omeprazole (an antacid for the gastric and also mouth ulcers)
Mirtazapine (Remeron) (an appetite stimulant to be given on the ear once every 3 days).
Daily subcut of 250ml

I hope this will keep Vincent as comfortable as possible.

We drove home in peak traffic.  I’m also having a really bad sorethroat which has resulted in the loss of voice, so I wasn’t able to talk to Vincent in the car. I did try, as much as I could. I know I don’t even sound like myself with this husky sorethroaty voice.

We entered the door and was greeted by Ginger and Heidi.

Vincent was clearly happy to be home. That’s a moment to cherish.

I know Vincent used to LOVE the sound of the opening of a new pack of kibble and the pouring of kibble into the kibble jar. He would run into the kitchen and start eating the kibble from the jar itself. So I bought a packet of Monge kibble today and waited for Vincent to be home before doing the routine of opening the pack and pouring it into the jar. The cats have been eating Cindy’s kibble, so I thought Monge kibble might be a welcome change.

Vincent did come running. He was excited and that is all good. But of course, he couldn’t eat any of it. He still has no appetite. But the excitement is another moment to cherish. I’m happy to see him happy, if only it is for a moment.

I offered him his normal food, but he could not eat.

He drank water instead.

I had placed a towel in his bathroom hoping he might lie on it, but he wasn’t happy about that and tried to find another spot, so I quickly removed the towel.

The downstairs bathroom is Vincent’s chosen room now. It’s good because there’s privacy and he has his own litter box. The floor is dry and the tiles are not that cold. I can sit on the floor to be with him too.

Moment by moment.

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