The Battle of the Hole continues….with the green clip

Cow has been biting the cables off the hole until he could come in. And spray.

So, this morning, husband decided to put a clip at the hole.

Initially, the clip made the hole too small, so nobody could come in. Even the girls could not. So, I placed the clip a little bit further, thereby enlarging the hole by a wee bit.

Only then did Cleo try.

And she made it! Yay!

Pole: I cannot, I just cannot. I cannot go through the hole.

Pole, you are smaller than Cleo, so if Cleo can, why can’t you?

Pole: Sobs…I cannot. I just cannot.

Pole has excellent judgment on heights but not in the size of holes. Sigh…

Cow, on the other hand….

…has very strong teeth. And determination seems to be a strong trait in him.

Piece of cake!

Pole: I can’t. Sobs…I can’t. 

Pole, even Cow can come in.