Vincent shows interest in food

This morning, I was greeted by Vincent as I came downstairs.

He had already removed that blue tape-cloth from the IV-pod.

Vincent came to the kitchen to join everyone for breakfast. I offered all that he eats, but he couldn’t eat any.  He was interested in the food, but could not bring himself to eat.

I even offered Monge kibble (which he used to love), but of course he could not eat that.

It’s okay, Vincent. We can try later on.

Vincent went back to his bathroom to sit. Then I went on to feed the Cow Clan and Zurik & Buddy.

After that, I force-fed Vincent some Recovery. Of course he didn’t like to be force-fed, but he was willing to eat it. With the Recovery, I sneaked in his antibiotics and the 5 granules of Omeprazole. These are the only two medication needed now, to address the gastric problem and the mouth ulcers.

We just want him to be more comfortable since the discomfort is primarily caused by the mouth ulcers and the gas in the stomach.

Then, a bit later, I offered some food again, in the bathroom.

He is eating!!

There’s definitely some interest in food, right?  And this was after I force-fed him some Recovery. I figured I could have fed him more, but I shall not push my luck. The important thing is for him to keep the food down. Frequent small meals might be the way.

At least he is still able to drink water on his own.

Vincent likes his private litter box placed this way. It’s easy for him. No need to step in and out. Just stand there and spray. It is all collected below. I can also monitor his urine output (which is crucial at this point).

250ml subcut.

He fidgeted after about 150ml and stood up. The needle fell off.

Then I figured maybe he wants it on the other side? He has NEVER liked it on the left. If I tried on the left, he would fidget, stand and struggle, so it’s always done on the right side. But maybe he wants a change today?

There’s still 100ml to go and it must be done.

What do you know? I was right – he wanted it on the left side!

He sat obediently and let me finish off the remaining 100ml – on the left side!  And he even stayed there after that.

It’s all about “reading” what Vincent wants.

250ml subcut – done for the day.

I hope he can eat on his own by tonight.