Vincent’s lunch

Vincent was very interested in lunch.

Unfortunately, he still could not eat on his own.

But he allowed me to force-feed him a tablespoon of Recovery. That was at 1pm.

At 5pm, it was time for his antibiotic, so I took the opportunity to feed him again. This time, he resisted. It must be the pain on the tongue due to the ulcers. But the vet had said that if he doesn’t eat, the stomach acid will cause the whole digestive tract to “burn” and that would be very uncomfortable and painful.

The plan is to take him back to the vet’s tomorrow and probably put him on drips again for half a day. Hopefully this might make him feel more comfortable.

The vet did suggest a feeding tube through his nose (with an e-collar), but I don’t think this would be an option. It would be very, very uncomfortable.

I just want him to be as comfortable as possible.

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