Vincent’s supper

We came back from taiji at about 9.45pm and Vincent walked out to greet us.

He wanted food, so I offered him whatever we had, but he could not eat it. I also know that with Vincent, he shuns the foods associated with his most recent vomiting, hence, that would be the raw fillet and liver.  No wonder he spat out a piece of raw liver when I placed it in his mouth.

That vomiting episode was the start of his downhill this time, so that experience must be still fresh in his mind – especially the smells associated with it.

The only food not associated with that vomiting would be Recovery, which is what I am force-feeding him now. Of course Vincent will never lick Recovery on his own. He is too proud to do that. Even last time, Vincent never liked blended food.

Luckily, he allows me to force-feed him. He knows he has to eat.

So, Vincent smelled at every variety of food I offered (I even opened new cans, new flavours), but he could not eat.

He went back to his bathroom. Throughout today, I peeked into the bathroom – sometimes he would be sitting, sometimes, fast asleep. It’s good that he has chosen the bathroom because there is privacy and he feels comfortable enough to fall asleep. I also stopped using the bathroom now, so that Vincent won’t be disturbed.

Tonight, I had to force-feed him Recovery again. It’s only one tablespoon. This time he did not resist so much. It’s also good that there was no vomiting today.

I also noticed he had defecated at the drainhole of the bathroom. The stools were very black in colour, but it’s still good that he defecated. There was urine in his litter box too. Good that he is still able to eliminate wastes from his body.

Then I decided to try something.

I offered various kinds of food again, but this time, in his bathroom. In his territory.

Yes! He is licking the gravy! I purposely bought Cindy’s Tender Chicken as he hasn’t eaten this for a long time and also because it has a lot of gravy.

The other flavour I had bought was Cindy’s Tuna with Chicken, which also has a lot of gravy.

Yes! Vincent licked that gravy too! Not much, but it’s still a good sign.

I have learnt Vincent’s eating pattern. Sometimes, he will sniff at all the variety offered and won’t eat anything until something triggers it. It can even be a few pellets of kibble. He won’t eat the kibble, but it takes that trigger him to eat. Sometimes, it’s a dash of Complivit. I think he needs the smells to trigger himself to eat. Maybe? So the force-feeding of Recovery triggered him to lick some gravy on his own tonight. That’s good enough.

As planned, we will take Vincent to the clinic tomorrow morning for another half-day’s IV-drip since the pod is still there. The IV-drip makes him feel so much better. We will pick him up in the evening and bring him home.

Hydration – we all need it. It takes a kidney patient to remind me how important water is and how much it helps us in feeling comfortable.

Till tomorrow then. Goodnight, friends.

Thank you for rooting for Vincent. It helps so much.

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