Zurik’s latest plan (and yes, Prof Carl Safina is absolutely right)

For a few days now, Zurik does not come for food in the mornings.

I think I know why.

This morning, Buddy was waiting as usual. So I gave Buddy his snack and looked for Zurik. Zurik was on the neighbour’s roof and he did not want to come down.

Smart, isn’t he?

He waits until Buddy goes away (and he gets a bird’s eye view from the roof, right?). Far away….

Then, he comes down and calls me at the window sill.

And this way, Zurik gets to eat in peace without the food-snatcher.

If that’s not proof of the ability to reason, tell me, what is?

It baffles me why some humans need science and research to prove that animals CAN think and reason.

Just observe your neighbourhood cat. Your answers are all there.

The next time someone tells me not to anthropomorphise animals, I’m going to say, “Professor Carl Safina says we should. You more qualified than he?”

Prof Carl Safina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdAOgoaD3CQ
(start from 3:00mins)

Quote: You can see brains, but you cannot see minds. However, you can the workings of the mind in the logic of behaviours.  

Quote: (referring to elephants) We are all mammals and under the skin, we have almost everything in common: Find food, stay alive, keep your babies alive, take care of your children, let life continue. 

Carl Safina works to show that nature and human dignity require each other. His recent works probe the ways in which our relationship with the natural world affects human relations, and how the scientific facts imply the need for moral and ethical responses.

He studied and majored in environmental science at the State University of New York and has earned masters and PhD degrees in ecology for his studies of seabirds.

Occupation: Author, Endowed Professor at Stony Brook University, Found of SafinaCenter.org.

Notable awards: MacArthur Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, Pew Fellowship, John Burroughs Medal, George B. Rabb Conservation Medal, James Beard Medal, Orion Book Award, Lannan Literary Award.

Notable works: Song for the Blue Ocean, Eye of the Albatross, Voyage of the Turtle, Nina Delmar and the Great Whale Rescue, The View from Lazy Point, A Sea in Flames, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel.

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