Vincent is home again

This morning, I waited by my phone. I know if I get a call from the clinic around 9.30am, it cannot be any good news.

Vincent looked pretty bad last night.

By 10am, there was no call, so that’s good. I drove to the clinic.

Upon my arrival, the vet said Vincent is still very lethargic and does not seem to respond to whatever that has been done.  We know this is the last stage and we have done our best for him.

I went to see Vincent and yes, he looked VERY, very, very tired and miserable.

There was no light in his eyes.

He was laterally recumbent most of the time. The only time he walked was to the litter box to pee. His urine is clear and it’s “good” that he is still able to pee.

Vincent’s body temperature was about 37 degrees, and this considered rather low, so the vet him on a heating pad and covered him with a towel. This is supposed to be good for him, but Vincent did not like it, so he tried to move away to the edge and he shook off the towel.

At one point, Vincent was grasping for breath for a few seconds, but he stopped. It didn’t look good, I know.

I came back home to feed the cats, do today’s neutering claims, and after lunch, drove back to see Vincent. He was still looking very lethargic and unresponsive.

The vet explained that his end is very near (maybe tonight or tomorrow), so it might be better for me to take him home so that he is more comfortable. There is also nothing more to be done for him at the clinic. As for the IV-fluids, I could continue with subcut.

I decided to heed the vet’s advice since I could also see that Vincent was really looking very miserable and lethargic.

So, the vet showed me how to feed him through the tube (the nasal tube is left intact so that I can continue to feed him). The IV line was removed but not the pod (just in case we need it). I asked for all instructions to be written down especially on the mixing of the liquid food (Convalescense and Renal Liquid). His antacid and antibiotics is to be given through the nasal tube too.

The helpers put Vincent (still laterally recumbent) into the carrier and that’s when he stood up. Even the helper was surprised.

We drove home and Vincent sat and seemed quite happy.

I was surprised to see him walk around in the house after we reached home.

He even wanted to go to the patio.

I prepared a towel with his favourite cloth in his bathroom, but as expected, Vincent doesn’t want it.

How about just a tshirt, Vincent? NO.

He is sitting like a lion now.

Just now he tried to drink water with the e-collar but could not, so I took off the collar, and he backed off and ran away.

Vincent tricked me! And where did he get the energy to run?

But I have put the e-collar back on. We cannot risk him removing the nasal tube which is essential for feeding.

So, we are home now and whatever happens next, at least we are home.

I am to do 200ml subcut tonight. All medicines already given at the clinic. And I’ll do one round of feeding through the nasal tube tonight too.

Vincent is home. I’m glad he seems happier now.

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