Vincent’s breakfast

I could barely sleep all night. I think I woke up every 15 mins.  However, I decided not to come downstairs to check on Vincent because a cat’s sense of smell and hearing is so much sharper than ours, it will only wake him up and disturb his rest.

I finally got up at 4.30am and came downstairs. Vincent was up and sitting.

So relieved!

He had also defecated (a well-formed stool, darkish in colour) and urinated on the tshirt. Also urinated in his vertical litter box. It’s good that he is able to eliminate. The liquid diet leaves very little residue so even if he doesn’t defecate daily, it’s still okay. But urinating is important. The moment urination stops, that would really be the end.  It means the kidneys have shut down to a point where it can no longer produce urine.

I prepared his food and medicines and started feeding at 5.30am.

He looks a little down this morning, though.

The feeding went smoothly. Slowly.

It’s this Convalescence Support mixed with liquid Renal in a 1:1 ratio.

Vincent is still drooling thick saliva. It’s easy to wipe it off when using this plastic e-collar. His soft e-collar (cloth) is dry now, but the thick saliva will only wet it, so I’m thinking of sewing a layer of plastic for the area under his chin.

Vincent also has this big bowl of water so that it’s easier to drink (with the e-collar).

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