Vincent changes “nest”….and the tube came off

This afternoon was our cleaning day and I told the part-time cleaner that she doesn’t have to clean Vincent’s bathroom as he was sleeping there. She did not. And I had already cleaned the whole bathroom whenever possible and also cleared out all the pails to make it more like a “room” for Vincent.

We had bought fresh chicken fillet, to try and entice Vincent to eat. The moment I opened the tray to clean the chicken, Vincent came out of the bathroom and came to the kitchen.

He wants to eat!!

So I quickly gave him a few pieces. He tried, but couldn’t.  I offered all kinds of other food. He just could not eat.

Then, he went out to the patio.

Vincent used Tiger’s old sandpit to defecate.

I quickly steamed some chicken too, but he could not eat.

Then, he went into the cage at the patio. No cat uses this cage. It is normally used only as a sick bay if any cat needed to be confined.

He wants to eat, but could not. However, he did pick up a piece of raw chicken fillet, but he dropped it and could not pick it up again. I helped, but he didn’t want anymore.

Offered all kinds of food, but he could not eat.

It’s still good that he wants to walk about. There was some evening sun too.

Licking rocks.

Finally, he settled inside the cage. Looks like he has chosen this to be his new “nest”.

I managed to put towels inside. Luckily he did not reject the towels this time.

He took a nice long nap.

I fed him at 8pm, through the tube.

I still stayed with him for awhile before going inside to sew the plastic piece onto the now-dried-and-clean e-collar.

As I was sewing it, I heard some footsteps on the rocks.

When I went out to put the e-collar back on Vincent, the tube was missing!

Then, I saw the entire tube on the rocks near the pandan plants. It had come off. The whole thing.

My guess is, Vincent must have stepped on it while he was walking and thus, “pulled” it off.

I quickly texted the vet but she had already gone home for the night. And tomorrow the clinic is closed, but the vet would still be going in to check on the boarding animals. So I hope she will check the phone messages.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but luckily I had already fed Vincent tonight.

Tomorrow, I will try and see if he can eat on his own. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and tomorrow, Vincent will be able to eat on his own?


A friend just shared that for humans, the tube does feel uncomfortable (like a fish bone stuck in the throat). I guess it would. So, let this be a blessing in disguise then.

Please, Vincent…please eat on your own tomorrow.

Sleeping restfully without the tube.

I’m thankful for these moments.

We shall see if the tube is still needed tomorrow. Hopefully not. I did tell Vincent twice today, that he cannot depend on the tube for feeding on the long term, he has to try to eat by himself. If he can, we can remove the tube already. Clearly, who wants to have a tube down the throat and to wear an e-collar, right?

So, maybe Vincent decided to remove the tube by himself?