Vincent’s breakfast

Last night, I was so sick, I went to bed at 9.00pm.  I’ve been having his horrible sore throat and cough for 3 weeks now. It just wouldn’t go away. I know my throat is the weakest part of my body, it’s been like this since I was very young. Once infected, I need medicines and I take a long time to recover. Just my throat, elsewhere is okay.

I fed Vincent his dinner at 7pm. But before that, in the evening, there was a moment of hope when I thought he might want to eat on his own. I quickly offered various types of food, but….

I wish he ate, even a wee bit, but he did not. But he expressed interest in the food, though.

We went for taiji in the afternoon, and when we came home, Vincent seemed a little excited to see me. He sat up too.

All day yesterday, I sat with him in the bathroom. Whenever I sit with him, I take the collar off so that he has some collar-off time. I doubt Vincent would try to pull out the nasogastric tube, but we simply cannot take that risk, so the collar has to be on when he is not supervised. That tube is, literally, is lifeline. It’s the only way for me to feed him and ensure he doesn’t starve.

For those who are looking at the photos, I know it looks like “a lot of tubes”, but really, it is only one single tube. You see “a lot of tubes” because it’s the same tube being wound round and positioned in such a way to prevent any accidents. The plasters on the head is just to keep the tube in place. Trust the vet, she knows exactly what she is doing. I certainly trust her…with Vincent’s life.

This morning, from the pinch test, it seems like Vincent’s hydration has improved (this is based on my unprofessional barefoot perception). I won’t kid myself. If it’s bad, it’s bad. But it really felt much better than before. Could it be that Convalescence is good for him? I really hope so.

Hydration is the most important factor to ensure wellbeing. So, if Vincent’s hydration is good, it means he feels more comfortable and I’m truly thankful for this.

There was also two pieces of stools in the litter box, and it looks like Vincent’s. There was urine too, in his private (vertical) litter box.  As long as Vincent can still produce urine, it’s not the end yet. When the kidneys totally shut down, there will be no more urine and it is then a matter of hours.

In fact, yesterday afternoon, there was no urine and I was worried.

But there’s urine this morning, so it’s okay. He can still produce urine.

Ready for breakfast…

Tube-feeding is actually quite easy. I just have to watch Vincent’s reaction to determine the speed of pumping in the liquids. I think he has got used to it too. His twice-daily medicines (the antacid and antibiotics) go through the tube too. Oh, another good thing is I definitely see less drooling today. Significantly less. I hope this means that the antibiotics are working. Less drooling could mean less pain in the mouth too.

I’ve increased the food intake to more than 13 syringes. I gave Vincent 15 syringes this morning. I’ve texted the vet and am awaiting for instructions.

Feel better, Vincent. I’m always here for you. Doing my best.

The plan is to remove the IV-pod today (if the vet agrees). If his hydration is good, there is no need for the IV-drip. We will just continue with the tube-feeding and daily subcut.

Vincent likes sleeping on the bathroom tiles. Luckily it isn’t the “cold” type. He has a towel, but he hates sleeping on it. So, he uses the towel to pee on. Well, that’s okay. I have 3 small towels for this purpose, just hand-wash to dry.







2 responses to “Vincent’s breakfast”

  1. Loh Lay Peng

    Sis, you can try warm water with ginger powder add to honey n lemon. I tried n it works.

  2. mei evelyn

    vincent is the happiest cat becos of you !