Short-lived joy, but it’s okay

We came back from taiji at about 9.30pm and I quickly took a bath so that I could feed the cats.

Vincent was excited too when he heard me preparing food in the kitchen. He came to join everyone.

I offered him canned food, but he couldn’t eat it. Offered raw food, he also could not eat. Kibble? Also no.

It’s okay, we will eat the liquid food first. Before that, some Nutriplus Gel (who knows, this might be the secret?).

So, another session of force-feeding, which I might say, has improved a teensy weeny bit. Just very, very little. Maybe it’s because I give 0.3ml each time now. So you can imagine how long it takes to force-feed 45ml of liquid food. And it’s done in the bathroom, so I’m all drenched in sweat. Plus, Vincent sometimes spit out the food, so my tshirt is also stained with liquid food plus sweat.

After the feed, I decided to reward him with a sauna again since he loves it so much and also, because his chin would be all wet from the wiping of the liquid food as he is fed.

Liquid food, medicines and water – done.


I let him rest a bit, then I took a chance and offered a fresh flavour of Monge – Seafood with Chicken. I thought it might just do the trick?


Tuna and Salmon? No!

Oh well, it’s okay. There’s still tomorrow. Hopefully Vincent will eat on his own tomorrow.

But as of now, I think even if Vincent cannot eat, I think force-feeding may be a better option than getting the nasal tube inserted again. After all, the tube would only last 5 days and a new one would have to be inserted again and again.

Vincent, please eat on your own. You know you can. You did it this afternoon, remember?

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