Vincent’s sponge bath and sauna

Vincent likes sponge baths (but only with a wet towel). Whenever Ming-Yi visits, she will give him one and he really likes it.

So, I gave him one today too. This is also especially to clean up the remaining layers of mucus which had resulted from more than a week’s thick drooling due to the pain in the mouth.

I didn’t force it, though; I took my time in cleaning it bit by bit, whenever I fed him.

Finally, it’s all clean today, but it was quite wet, so I gave Vincent a special sauna, which he liked very much!

With a hair dryer, on hot mode!

He loves it!

All nice and clean now.

Shh….sleeping soundly.

Magical moments are made of these.

I hope Vincent will eat by himself tonight. But let’s just live in the present moment and come to that…tonight.

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