Lounging and relaxing (Vincent’s stories)

After the big and happy meal of raw chicken and steamed sardines this afternoon, Vincent lounged all afternoon.

Subcut 250ml. He probably knows he needs this, so he cooperates completely.

Then, he went to lick rocks. Yes, definitely anaemic. We have already started on the Darbepoetin. Let’s hope it works again (we went on one course in November last year). It takes 4-5 jabs, so the next one will be on this Sunday.

He wants to go out, but no, sorry.

Two days ago, I carried him out to meet with Zurik. He did, but he almost escaped. As thin as he is, Vincent can still be very strong and quick. I simply cannot risk having him escape out of the gate.

He decided to get some sun, which is good.

Completely relaxed.

No nasal-tube, no e-collar. Yes, this is good.

Also completely relaxed!

Ginger has become an alpha in the house now and he has started spraying. Sigh…why are ALL our males alphas?

Vincent decided he did not want to eat this evening, so I didn’t force him. Maybe the afternoon meal can last him until tomorrow morning. But I had to give him his Clindamycin (another three more days), so I used a wee bit of liquid food as a base in order to give him the Clindamycin. But he doesn’t like the Clindamycin at all.

On Saturday, the vet did a blood test and found that for once, Vincent’s phosphate level was elevated. She suggested that we put him on Alucid for two purposes – (1) as a phosphate binder and (2) for the gastric and mouth ulcer problem. Alucid is an antacid that contains aluminium hydroxide.

Maybe a blood test should be done before starting him on this Alucid. The less medicines, the better. Let’s hope the phosphate level was elevated just because he had not been eating during that time.

Till tomorrow then…

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