The gates opened and Vincent EATS!!

Right after work, I went straight to the shopping mall to get “fresh” chicken fillet and I also bought sardines (to steam). Then, to the clinic to buy two bottles of subcut fluids and I rushed back home.

As I was approaching the house, the electric gates suddenly opened by themselves. How did THAT happen? I thought my son was home and playing a trick on me, but no, he’s out. Maybe my bag pressed on the remote control? I don’t know.

So, the gates opened by themselves (okay….) and I drove in. No, they did not close by themselves. I closed them.

I was greeted at the door by Ginger and Tabs and I quickly went to the kitchen to look for Vincent but he wasn’t there.

Where was Vincent?

Vincent had already come out to the kitchen and was waiting for me!!

He knows, right?  Of course they know. Cats ALWAYS know.

I quickly put down all my things and got out the packet of Lacto-Chicken fillet, cut up a few pieces and…

Vincent ATE!! Three helpings there, and wanted more. I was a bit worried he might suddenly eat too much and that might trigger the vomiting again…

That’s his fourth helping.

He wanted me to know exactly what size he needed the fillet cut up into, so he left the sizes that were “wrong”. By doing so, I knew exactly what size was correct.

Aren’t cats just so, so smart?  They know how dumb we are (that we don’t have their ability to read minds, so they find ways to tell us).

Meanwhile, I quickly cleaned one sardine (they didn’t have small ones today, so it was a rather big one) and started steaming it.

Vincent finished his chicken and wanted more, but he wanted sardines now, so as quickly as I could, I took it out and filleted the sardines for him.

There you go, sir! Steamed sardines for you!

And soon, Vincent was full. I’d also rather he eats more often than he eats too much at one meal. Frequent small meals might be better?

He went back to his bathroom to rest.

His paws look awfully thin but that’s because all the fur was shaven off due to the IV-pod, on both sides.

Little by little, Vincent. Baby steps…

And after a full meal, it’s time for a nap.

I am so thankful!

The vet says I need to get Alucid as a phosphate binder for Vincent. Before this, his phosphate levels had always been good, but last week, when he was hospitalised, his phosphate levels were elevated. But due to the IV, his creatinine was normal though the urea reading was high. At that time, almost nothing mattered because he was in such a bad state.

But now, Vincent is eating again!

And I must specially thank everyone who has been giving very encouraging support. Please know that your support helps so, so, so much! Even one word of encouragement helps SO much!

So, HOW did the electric gates open by themselves today? I don’t know!! It doesn’t matter.  Best guess: My bag must have pressed on them.