Vincent eats breakfast

Our morning started at 5.30am.

I came down to the kitchen and Vincent was in the bathroom. So, I took out all the tupperware containers of food left from last night (because I had opened so many cans of food to entice Vincent to eat – the gang would have to finish all these today).

Tabs, Ginger and Heidi came to eat, quite happy with the so many different flavours!

I offered some to Vincent in his bathroom but he wasn’t interested.  That’s okay.  I gave him some Complivit, rubbed onto his mouth, which he didn’t mind.

Then, I fed the Cow Clan. Cleo did not have much appetite yesterday, so I gave her Nutriplus Gel yesterday, and today, it’s back to normal for her.

When I started washing up, Vincent came out of his bathroom and asked for food.

He sniffed around, so that’s a signal that he wants food.

So I offered. He sniffed at them all, but none was right. The big chunk of food is from yesterday (so, not “fresh”) but the Cubgrub is fresh. Still, not suitable.

I got it all wrong, so Vincent went back to his bathroom.

I thought maybe he wants chicken fillet? I have this, but then again, it’s also not “fresh” from the supermarket. It’s been here for two days.

He actually sniffed at it and ALMOST ate some, but it wasn’t fresh enough, I know.

It’s okay.

Then I decided to open a brand new can of Monge Tuna and Salmon…

And the magic happened…

Vincent is eating on his own again! It wasn’t much, but it’s okay. At least this is free will eating, and not forced. He wants to eat, but he needs that one “correct flavour” or type of food for his taste buds. That’s the difficult part for me – to get it right.

So, as promised, as long as he eats on his own, there will be no force-feeding.  I had already given him his Omeprazole (he hates the liquid antacid, but is okay with the 5 little Omeprazole granules).

But Vincent was clearly waiting for something….I don’t know what, but maybe he was waiting for the force-feeding???

I don’t know!  I wish you could talk, Vincent. Or rather, I wish I could know EXACTLY what you want.  I would move heaven and earth to do it for you, Vincent. If only I knew what is it that you want.

After half an hour, it was time for his antibiotics, so I used just 2ml of liquid food as a base before giving the antibiotics.  He hates the antibiotics so I’m going to ask the vet if that can be stopped or we have other options.  However, much as he hates it, I can see that his tongue looks so much better now.  The antibiotics has worked.

There is supposed to be a minimum of a 15 minute interval between the antacid and any medication because the antacid binds with medicine.  So, antacid first, then only the antibiotics. Half an hour would be better.

Vincent also has a stuffy nose, so perhaps that has affected his appetite. Cats rely tremendously on their sense of smell for almost everything that they do.

I am thankful that Vincent ate on his own this morning. Happiness comes in small packages.

Thank you very much for rooting for Vincent’s wellbeing.  We know he cannot recover, of course. I just want him to be comfortable. And when there is still life, I’m doing my best to support that life; as best as I can. I may not be doing it 100% right, but I am doing the best I can with the best of intentions.

How I wish there was someone who could tell me exactly what to do for Vincent, but there isn’t.






3 responses to “Vincent eats breakfast”

  1. Haniz

    Waiting for more eating news from you Vince! Syukur Alhamdulillah

  2. Aries

    Hi Dr Tan, i found out that my cats ( strays, TNR or at home) do not like monge seafood mixed with chicken but more prefer another flavour which is monge chicken mixed with omelette n white bait. My friend told me the another flavour which is monge beef smell nicer and her cats love more. Thanks Dr Tan.

    1. chankahyein

      Thank you, AnimalCare sells all the flavours and I have all of them at home too. Vincent used to like Seafood with Chicken at one time. By the way, my surname is Chan and not Tan. Thanks.