Another bonus meal at 6.15pm!!

No sooner had I finished writing that post about the bonus meal at 3pm and I went into the kitchen to feed Tabs, Heidi and Ginger than Vincent (yes, Vincent) came from the patio to join everyone!

I quickly offered him some canned food, but no.

Another flavour? Also, no.

Then he went out to his cage.

I brought the bowl of canned food out to the cage – no.

Chicken with gravy – no.

Oh dear…what do you want, Vincent?

Wait…think….what hasn’t he eaten so far?

Raw liver?

He hadn’t wanted raw liver for some time now, but let’s just try. He used to love it.


I know raw liver cannot be taken excessively, but it’s a matter of life and death now. Eating something is better than not eating anything at all.

I added some raw meat to it, but he wouldn’t touch it. He only wanted the raw liver and he finished one portion of it. I didn’t have anymore as the rest are still frozen and I could not thaw it in time.

Canned food? No.

Then, he went to hide behind the trolley. I think he wants some more. But what? I don’t have any thawed raw liver.

Cubgrub?? It has 5% raw liver in it! Let’s try that.


Now, what else do I have? I cannot miss out on this golden opportunity. Vincent wants to eat…something.

Wait a minute, didn’t I buy a can of Recovery and AD this morning? Yes, but that’s for force-feeding as a base for his medicine. He hates blended food. Always had.

But that’s all I have that hasn’t been tried. What is there to lose? If he doesn’t want, believe me, any of our cats would pounce on the Recovery or AD.

Ok, try it. Now, Recovery or AD?  Vincent hates AD absolutely.  He is a bit tolerant of Recovery, but I had been using that for force-feeding two weeks ago. He might still associate that taste with the agony of being force-fed.

AD it is (but he hates AD?).

Just try it!  So I opened the can of AD. Mmm….it smelled so good.

And I put two spoonfuls into the bowl and brought it to Vincent.

Pinch me, someone!  Pinch me!!

Vincent is eating AD!!

He ate this much, roughly.

This has really been a triple bonus round!!

Now, what else do I have which can be served in the next round? It would have to be something different again…. Think!!