Lost & Found and pound locations in Selangor

In between taking care of Vincent today, I was also helping a friend who had a few dogs captured by the authorities. Her dogs had all been neutered and are ear-notched too. Sadly, here in Selangor, the moment someone lodges a complaint, the authorities will catch. They are following the council by-laws.

In case anyone needs the information, this link has the pound locations in Selangor: https://www.petfinder.my/library/26_Lost_Found_Guidelines/

If your animal is captured by the authorities, please go to the pound immediately and locate your animal. Then, follow the procedures and get your animal released as soon as possible.

When can we hope that the by-laws will be changed to a more compassionate system where ear-notched animals are spared from capture? Well, that would be up to the lawmakers (ie. the politicians).

Neuter-and-return-to-colony works to control the population. It does. But tell that to the politicians.

We need a bigger voice before they would listen to us.

If only 10% of the electorate wants a compassionate management of street animals whereas 90% wants capture-and-kill, who do you think the politicians will listen to?

So, we definitely need a bigger voice.  If enough people cared to make a difference, we can. But while we are waiting for more people to search within the conscience and realise that street animals deserve to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity, let’s continue doing all we can to help them – neuter, neuter, neuter!

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