Vincent calls the shots

Vincent’s last meal was yesterday afternoon (when the gates opened). I offered food in the evening and late night, but he did not want any.

No force-feeding.

This morning, I offered again, but he wasn’t interested either. I even steamed another piece of sardine with some chicken but the aroma failed to work up an appetite in him.

So, I only did his subcut, which he likes very much and then, I went off to work. When I left, Vincent already did not look good…at all. In fact, it looked like he could go any moment (as he did in July/August last year, and many times since then).

After work, I went to purchase a can of Recovery and AD. I know Vincent doesn’t like any of these, but I might need to use it as a food base so that I can feed him his antibiotics.

I rushed home, not knowing what I’ll find. I know Vincent is not in very good shape already. The vet had already said so that once muscle wastage sets in, it will be downhill. She also did not expect him to last through Saturday night (that was 6 days ago).

I know, as with Rosie, Daffodil, Tiger and Bobby, they all stopped eating for about one day, and the next day, they were gone. In fact, for Rosie, she was still eating until the last few hours. But for the rest, it was always the same – one day of not eating. Just one day.

Vincent has, in the past, stopped eating for many days already. The first time it happened, I thought that was it. I drove to the vet to ask for painkillers, just to relieve any pain he might have, but that was in November. It wasn’t “it”.

How many times, I do not even care to count anymore, in the last 8 months, I had gone out and come back, not knowing what I’d find. Just bracing myself…until I see Vincent and he is alright. How many times I have come downstairs, again, not knowing what I’d find…until I see him, staring back at me.

So, I went into the kitchen to put the canned food. And what do you know, Vincent came out from the patio to greet me! I called him and he came into the kitchen.

You want to eat, Vincent?

It sure looked like it!

Well, if you want to eat, of course you’ll get to eat, Vincent.

I offered some raw meat – No.

I offered the steamed fish I did this morning – No.

I opened a can of food – No.

I got it all wrong. The Recovery or AD?  But I know he hates blended food. I would only use that to hide a tablet.

Then, Vincent went out, back to the patio, into his cage.

I know he wants to eat, I just have to get it right.

Now, what does he want?  He wants to eat in the cage, not in the kitchen – that must be it.

So I brought a bowl of raw chicken and put it inside the cage, in front of him – No.

I brought the steamed sardines – No.

My last ditch effort – Monge’s Tuna and Salmon? I didn’t think so, but no harm just trying as he was still sitting in a waiting position.

YES! That was what he wanted!


What if I didn’t get it right? He’d rather starve?

Look at him eat. This is voluntary eating. It isn’t force-feeding. He wants to eat, but I have to get the flavour right. Bukan main susah, Vincent. But it’s been like this every once in a while whenever he loses his appetite. During good times, he eats like a horse.

I know the trick to get him to eat, he needs a reasonable amount of food before he would start eating. I think it’s for the smell? Maybe? So, you just have to keep piling on the food, make it into a heap, somehow that’s how you get him to eat. Pile it up, just keep piling it up.

And from one flavour, he would want another. I know.

So, from Tuna and Salmon, I tried Tuna, Chicken and Beef, and he ate! Bingo!

Soon, he was licking the gravy. Aha…he wants gravy?

It’s Cindy’s! Cindy’s has gravy and I have 3 flavours of that. Which one? Try Cindy’s Tender Chicken (one of his favourites last time).


He won’t be able to finish a can, but he needs different flavours to keep it interesting.

And finally, we are done.


This will probably be his only meal for the day. That’s okay. Whatever he wants, and whatever he can eat on his own terms.

Now, Vincent is taking a nap behind the trolley, one of his favourite places.