A new eatery with meatless options

Oftentimes, it can be a little difficult to get meatless options at some eateries, but not so at this new eatery which opened along SS18/6 in Subang Jaya recently.

It’s called “Little Wonders”.

It doesn’t have a signboard yet, but the address is No. 51, SS18/6, Subang Jaya. We have been there three times now and we are impressed with the food (I’d say it’s of a 5-star standard) and the service (also 5-star standard). The two chefs are very friendly and humble. You can see them cooking right there too.

This is the poached eggs I ordered for brunch today. It is supposed to be served with chicken tenders but for the meatless option, they replace it with capsicum and other vegetables.

There’s the capsicum under the eggs.

Moist black forest cake, baked by one of the chefs. Last night, we had their banana apple crumble which I must say, is out of this world.

They have a Weekday Menu and a Weekend Menu. There are also set lunch and set dinner.

There is NO service charge and no tax! The service is excellent.

Right now, there is a special promotion (for the month of March). For each time that you eat there, you are entitled to a 20% discount for your next visit (until the end of the month). Just keep the receipt for your next visit.

So glad that it’s located very near us!

Try it?

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