Another mini (Tiger B)!

Here’s another beautiful and amazing miniature figurine (“mini”) created by Ms Wong Pei Ling! This mini is ordered by Wine Dogs TB EE TT Lady CC, and we would like to thank them for their very generous donation of RM400 to our Fund for this mini of Tiger B, and another RM100 has been banked in in memory of Fei Zai and in appreciation of Ms Wong Pei Ling’s loving efforts.

Here are some photos:

It is amazing how life-like the mini is, especially when Ms Wong does them purely from photographs.

Absolutely beautiful and amazing likeness!

Thank you so much, Ms Wong Pei Ling, for all your time and effort, and thank you very much, Wine Dogs TB EE TT Lady CC, for the very generous donation to our Fund!!

If you would like a mini created for your pet dog, please do write in. Right now, Ms Wong has another 3 more doggies to do, so there might be quite a long wait.

1 comment to Another mini (Tiger B)!

  • Wine Dogs TB EE TT Lady CC

    Pei Ling’s creations are really a work of art ! She poured her time and I cannot imagine how just working off photographs provided, she manages to deliver so much detail. Thank you !