Project-Based Applications (new!!)

We are introducing something new – Project-Based Applications!

This special provision is for caregivers who want to do the neutering and/or vaccination of a certain colony with a fixed number of animals, in a short time.

Our current policy only allows a maximum of 3 animals per week, but if there is an urgency to do more to stabilise a colony quickly, we now have this provision to help. However, it is still dependent on fund availability.

So, if you have an urgent need to do more than 3 animals per week, please write to me at to check the requirements to qualify for this “Project-Based Applications”. We will definitely need proof of the colony, so photographs would be needed.

Please note that photographs sent to us will be kept confidential and we will never reveal your exact location to anyone. Only photographs which do not reveal any landmarks may be published for accountability, if needed.

We are also pleased to announce that applicants who have previously voluntarily “graduated” themselves out of goodwill (when we were severely lacking in funds) and who have maintained that goodwill and friendship with us are also invited to reapply for project-based applications!

This special provision is totally dependent on fund availability. 


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