Supporting Vincent

Vincent was in a pretty bad state last night.

It rained and I brought him into the bathroom where it would be warmer but he did not like that. So, he went back out to his favourite place, the trolley. That place is shielded from the rain, but I was afraid it would be cold, but looks like Vincent decides what he wants and where he wants to be.

With a spirit that strong, I have to respect him. Of course I do not want to cage him and restrict his movements. He has the whole house and side garden to explore and find anywhere where he is comfortable in.

He does like the tree trunk basin at the patio and chooses to sleep there a lot.  I keep that place as clean and dry as possible.

So last night, after awhile, he migrated into the cage. I’m glad he doesn’t mind the towels I’ve placed in the cage, so he slept there all night. It is warm enough.

Some time past midnight, I heard him calling. I think it was him, but my persistent cough has really worn me out in these three weeks and I was lucky enough to be able to get some sleep without coughing. So, I did not come down to check. He only called a few times, then it stopped.

Yesterday had been a very frustrating day indeed, and it wasn’t totally because I could not get the right food for Vincent. I also let myself be so badly affected by applicants who simply could not get our requirements right and because of this, we had to ask them to resubmit (which is more work, as I would have to explain all their mistakes to them) or for those who are already so late, we couldn’t help them anymore. It’s more than two weeks, way past the deadline.  I get very upset when we have to reject any cases due to the faults of the applicant. The mistakes include not even knowing one’s full name, which to me, is quite unbelievable and very annoying. After 11 years of schooling, don’t you even know what your own full name is??? Don’t you have to write your full name on exercise books in school, when you fill up forms at the bank, when you apply for anything??  How can an adult not know what his/her own full name (real name) is?  Or have they been living with a fake name for so long that they have forgotten what their full name is?

It is VERY annoying.

I guess with an unsound and rotting schooling system and the digital age (where attention span is only 45 seconds), it comes as no surprise that people don’t even know what their own full names are anymore?  I see this in my college students too. Their memory is unbelievably poor and “homework” is unheard of (apparently nobody does homework anymore these days).

But enough about that. I need to stop getting annoyed at things which I cannot change. Rules are rules. If our policy requirements are not met, money will not be given out. We are accountable to our donors.

This morning, I woke up at 6.30am, came downstairs and was surprised to see Vincent walking in from the patio to the kitchen with me.

Oh, Vincent wants to eat??  That’s good.

I offered food. No, I did not get it right.

I know, I know. But I really don’t know what you want anymore, Vincent.

Vincent has always been a fussy eater even last time.

So, he went out to the patio, to Stargate2 where Zurik and Buddy were waiting.  Buddy has been very naughty and keeps snatching Zurik’s food until the poor guy is noticeably thinner now.  Zurik tries to come at odd times when Buddy isn’t around, so that he can eat comfortably and finish his food.  If both appear together, I have to monitor and keep Buddy away so that he won’t snatch Zurik’s food.

Then, I fed the Cow Clan.

Soon, Vincent went into the cage and I thought I’d try again.

Raw liver?

YES, he is eating!

So, it isn’t just getting the food right, it’s also getting the environment right. I tried to sneak in some chicken fillet, but he preferred just the raw liver.

At this point in time, anything goes – as long as he eats.

As long as Vincent wants to eat on his own, I will do my very best to provide what he wants. This is how I will support him. No force-feeding and yes, no more Clindamycin this morning.

His spirit is still strong. And I will support that.

Already doing my best.

I can only hope he feels as well as he can be.







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  1. Azimah

    Get better Vincent. You did your best doc.