A fuss-free happy meal for Vincent

I came downstairs this morning, and Vincent greeted me by coming in from the patio. Heidi, Tabs and Ginger had already gone upstairs to wake me up earlier.

I greeted Vincent happily as I do every morning (relieved that he is alright, still able to walk, etc.) and told him that if he wants to eat, he can come into the kitchen.

He did. And he waited like everyone else. I took out all the Tupperware containers of yesterday’s food from the fridge and vowed I’m going to finish it all up and this is not going to happen again (storing so much food overnight).

Ginger was hungry, so he had his kibble first. Vincent was excited at the sound of the kibble, so I gave him a bowl too (RC Exigent, just to kickstart his appetite). He didn’t want that. Okay, that’s alright.

Then, I opened a can of Monge and poured a fair amount into the kibble for Vincent. No separate bowl. All in one.

He ate!

Oh yes, he ate…very heartily too.

But granted, I understand that he needs other food to keep the appetite going, so I added other things to the same bowl. I added the Sheba (from yesterday) and he ate that too.  I added raw liver and chicken fillet, and he ate the raw liver with gusto. Then I added steamed chicken (homemade) and I don’t think he ate that, but never mind.

So, everything was “rojak”ed into the same bowl, and Vincent flitted from one food to the other, and ate for a good 15 minutes or so. He didn’t finish everything, of course, but he ate, and there was no fuss at all.

That’s a good boy, Vincent!

Today is our visit to the vet’s for the next Darbepoetin jab.

Ready for a car ride, Vincent? After having been for so many rides now, he doesn’t mew anymore in the car. I think he has got used to rides now.

Meanwhile, Tabs ate some of the Cesar dogfood and Buddy polished everything up. The other cats did not like the dogfood at all! The boys of the Cow Clan polished up most of yesterday’s leftovers. There’s not going to be so much leftovers from now on. We cannot afford such luxury.

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