Double Charity Donation to community cats and dogs

Recipients: Community cats and dogs
Donors: Hollie, Wonker & Tobbie

The petfood:

Monge canned cat food
Atlantic Tuna – 6 boxes
Tuna & Chicken – 6 boxes
Tuna, Chicken & Beef – 6 boxes

Monge canned dog food
Salmon – 1 box
Lamb – 1 box

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

Photo provided by Avant Pet from their warehouse:

The donors have received the petfood and will distribute them to street feeders who are taking care of community cats and dogs. Kudos to the generosity of the donors for giving quality food to these community animals!

About the Double Charity Donation:

The Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation is a two-pronged donation drive whereby donors buy petfood from us (a minimum of RM350) and we send the petfood to a shelter of their choice or to feeders/rescuers. By doing this, a small portion of the donation goes into our Neutering Fund that benefits street animals while the petfood goes to the shelter/street animals!

Shelter/Street animals deserve a yummy treat too!

The participating petfood companies are Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Ecopet Sdn Bhd, Coco&Joe and Gold-D. For more details, please refer to this link:

If you’d like to participate, please write to

Thank you.

Note: The Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation is supported by individuals who wish to donate petfood to shelters/feeders by purchasing petfood from us (thus, donating to our fund too).  Our Neutering Fund is separate from this.

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