Goat’s milk liquid food, ikan bawal and Renate

Vincent came out many times today asking for food and I couldn’t get it right…

…until I gave him this liquid food. The other bowl is homemade steamed chicken from a broth, but he didn’t want any of that.

This is Cindy’s liquid food with goat’s milk and it is meant for kittens and special needs adult cats. I saw Vincent pawing his mouth and I know it’s the rotten teeth on either side that must be causing pain. Poor boy….

I gave him Ciao treats but he didn’t like the taste, I guess.

I was quite surprised that he was willing to lick up Cindy’s liquid food. Normally, he won’t eat any liquid food at all, but here he was, happily licking up almost one-third of the can!

One happy meal there….

Then, I told him I will go out and see what other food I can buy. I went to the “mixed rice” shop hoping to buy some steamed chicken but they did not have any today. Instead, there was steamed ikan bawal (with all the condiments). Oh well, let’s just try it. I also went to the neighhourhood clinic and got a sachet of Renate. This is the only clinic that is willing to sell the Renate by sachets at RM5 each. Lastly, I stopped at Amy’s pet store and bought a few more cans of Sheba and Cindy’s (with goat’s milk).

When I came home, Vincent knew I had bought something for him, so he came out. I quickly deboned the ikan bawal and took out the best parts for him.

He ate!! With much gusto too!

It must be quite tasty, I’m sure. He almost finished the whole medium-sized fish.

Another happy meal there!

It was only after 3 hours that I decided to try the Renate. It is a phosphate binder which Vincent needs and also contains supplements for renal disease. The vet had prescribed Alucid tablets (a human product, which I had bought) but the Alucid liquid was already not working. And the Alucid tablets have a warning that says: Not to be given to serious renal patients. I did ask the vet about this warning, but she said it is okay. But since Renate is also a phosphate binder and meant for cats, I’m sure it would be a better choice. Renate claims to be “highly palatable” too.

I did not expect I’d be successful with the Renate. It’s supposed to be sprinkled onto the cat’s food throughout the day.

But what’s there to lose by trying….

So I mixed one-third of the powder with a blob of Recovery and offered it to Vincent. As expected, he didn’t want any of it.

Then, I explained to him that he needs it and it’s supposed to be tasty too (actually, the powder smelled like chicken floss).  So, let’s not fight this.

I took a small blob and plonked it into his mouth. Surprisingly (no, shockingly), Vincent did NOT fight it.

He actually chewed a little and swallowed it!


I took another small blob and plonked it in.


This Renate must be super tasty and to Vincent’s liking (not easy to achieve that standard, I tell you)!

So, bit by bit, I finished the whole blob.

Then, I got a bit ambitious and decided to do another blob.

I did, and it was successful too. Vincent was almost looking forward to it!

I have another one-third to go for tonight. Please wish me luck.

Meanwhile, seeing how he was pawing his mouth probably due to the rotten teeth, I discussed with the vet if tooth extraction was possible. She said she checked and both teeth are still very strong and not loose, but it was exposed to the bone already. Hence, it must be painful. I know….sigh.

But extraction would require general anaesthesia for about 15-20 mins (local anaesthesia is not possible), and it carries risk. Vincent is already old and has kidney failure, so it is risky.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea, I know….

But let’s hope Vincent can eat without much discomfort as he did the ikan bawal. He didn’t paw his mouth when he ate that.

We have the whole day tomorrow to observe since the vet is closed tomorrow.

Meanwhile, RENATE – yay!

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