Vincent’s “elaborate” breakfast

I came downstairs at 6.30am this morning and Vincent was lying down in the cage in the patio. Everyone else waited for breakfast.

I fed Zurik and Buddy first (this needs watching so that Buddy doesn’t snatch Zurik’s food), then Tabs et al, and then, the Cow Clan. Vincent did not come for food, so that’s okay. I’ve already told Vincent quite a number of times now that if he doesn’t feel like eating, it’s perfectly okay. He doesn’t have to eat.

After everyone had eaten, Vincent walked into the kitchen and waited for food.

I gave him yesterday’s steamed chicken (from the chicken rice stall, which he loved) and he ate, but only a bit. Then, he waited again…for me to get the right food.

Last night, I went to get some grilled chicken and fish, just for a change of taste. I washed off the oil and steamed it again this morning. He didn’t want any of it.

I told myself I wasn’t going to keep opening cans until I got it right, but I ended up doing that again today. It is okay, just do it…it is worth it if I hit the right one.

But I failed. Vincent walked out while I started packing up everything. I’m sorry, Vincent, I don’t know what you want. I think I had laid out about 10 types of food already, including raw liver, raw fillet and many different brands of canned food.

All wrong.

Then, Vincent came in again and waited. I know, he wants to eat, but I don’t know what he wants.

So I started again – laid out about another 6 types of food. I even tried the turkey dogfood which he loved two days ago – no. Cubgrub – no.

All wrong.  He waited.

Then he went out again.

Tabs: It’s okay, I will help eat up some of the food. 

Tabs did, it’s so good of her.

Then, he came in again for the third time, asking for food.

This takes great emotional strength (not to break down and give up). So I tried again. But it was still all wrong.

Vincent went out to his cage to sit. Maybe he wants to eat in the cage?

So I brought the food out.



Sigh…I had exhausted all my options by now. I even tried the Ciao treats – no.

Does he want me to force-feed him, I did wonder, but I guess not. That would spoil his whole day.

I decided we will do subcut first.

Maybe he will feel better after the subcut and he might eat?

I carried him downstairs after the subcut and placed him in the kitchen.

No and no. But he waited.

And finally…

I got it right!!  He ate!!

This saved the day…for this morning!

It’s not going to work the next round, I know.

I helped eat up quite a lot of food….

Heidi and Ginger did too. The Cow Clan helped yesterday.

It’s really so good of them to eat up all the leftovers. I happened to have been brought up in that era where we were told never to waste food, not even a grain of rice. So, I don’t waste food, not even a morsel, as long as the food is still good. But some years ago, a friend told me that food is actually never wasted. At the very worst, bacteria will decompose it and it goes back to Nature. I suppose that’s right too?  But I still won’t waste food, as far as I can. But I won’t be OCD about it anymore.

Here we go…some of the food I tried and failed with, some were already eaten up by Tabs, Heidi and Ginger.

Till the next round….

Throughout all these months since July, I only lost my cool once. Just once. Two days ago. I’m not going to lose my cool again. Promise.

Oh, I tried scrambled eggs too – no.

I’m going out to see what I can buy next.