A new kid on the block

If you remember, a furry white cat tried to come into our porch many weeks ago and Ginger “chased” him away from inside of Stargate2.

The furry white cat tried again a few days ago.

Last night, another ginger cat tried to come in.

Our new super-alpha, Ginger, was on hand to protect his territory, again, from the inside of Stargate2. He made a war-cry that sent me rushing to Stargate2.

There, I saw the new rather tallish ginger cat. He was tall and slim. And he wasn’t about to move. Ginger did not let up – he continued with his most threatening war cries. So I helped and shoo-ed the ginger cat away.

Tabs was there “to help” too, but she didn’t make any war cries. She just lent her presence. Soon Heidi came as well…also to lend her presence. Vincent was in his cage.

The ginger cat went out of the gate.

I looked back and Indy and Cow were both at Stargate. “Let us out and we’ll finish the job!”, they both said.

No worries, boys. It’s done. The intruder is gone.

Ginger still at Stargate2 while Tabs appears to be hunching her back to lend some strength. Or, maybe not?

Cow knew all was well, so he had gone off but Indy is still at Stargate.

Our hero!

Tabs: I’m so tired, I helped Ginger, you know, I did, I did. 

Heidi: I’m not tired, it’s just my normal bedtime. That ginger cat? Piece of cake.

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