Vincent’s morning

It rained heavily last night and Vincent stayed in his cage at the patio. Before I slept, he was in the bathroom, but I found him in the cage this morning, wet, due to the sudden heavy downpour last night.

He wanted to eat, so, I tried. But failed.

He did, however, lick a bit of yesterday’s ikan bawal, but I know he only wants fresh foods, so maybe I’ll steam a fish for him later today.

The Cow Clan ate up half of yesterday’s “left-overs”. By “left-0vers”, I mean newly opened cans, which were opened for Vincent, but he chose not to eat.

We did the day’s subcut.

Had a sauna, which he liked.

Back in his cage, with fresh, clean, dry sheets.

The birds are chirping this morning, as they always do, without fail.

Getting some sun.

Then, Vincent came to ask for food. Offered all I could, and failed again.

I had to go to work for awhile, so I did, and when I came back, Vincent came to ask for food again. This time he would not go away. He wanted me to get it right. I had taken a fish out to thaw before going out, so I quickly steamed the fish.

Sheba? Cindy’s liquid food? He loved Sheba a few days ago, and he licked the liquid food too, only yesterday, but no, it’s all wrong today.

Soon, the fish was ready, so I quickly deboned it. Vincent looked up with excitement. I was so sure this would be right, but it wasn’t. It’s not what he wants. So I started opening cans again. Maybe it’s just a simple case of wanting his old canned food?

No. That wasn’t what he wanted.

Finally, I said I’m so sorry, but I don’t know what you want, Vincent. So he went out and got back into his cage.

Maybe he wants to eat inside the cage? That was worked before too.

He did eat…but not much. Still, a bit is better than none.

This morning, Vincent was drooling thick saliva again. This could be the mouth ulcers again or it could also be due to the Recovery which I had used for the Renate yesterday. He hates blended food and will drool.

So, I thought of mincing some cooked chicken. I will use this instead of Recovery. So I tried it with my Tupperware chopper; a small, very handy device, totally operated by hand with a pull-string.

Very finely minced. No need any water too, unlike the blender.

I tried giving some to Vincent and well…less resistance. So, this will probably be today’s meal.

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