Vincent tries to eat

I went out to see what other food I could get for Vincent and came home with chicken and steamed fish (a different type this time, not bawal as he would surely not want bawal anymore, I know).

I didn’t expect Vincent to come to the kitchen as he seems very weak now, but he did. And he asked for food.

I thought he’d be interested in the fish since it’s soft, but no, he went for the chicken instead. He tried to eat but he did flick off some pieces. I don’t know if this is due to the rotten teeth giving pain. It could be. The vet already said two teeth have rotted to the root and must be given a lot of pain.

He did not finish what I gave him, and waited for something else, so I offered raw liver (I know he likes the blood too…yikes, but yes, he does and so does Indy) and I offered Sheba, both of which, I merely smelled but did not eat.

Then, he waited, sitting like a lion. So I tried my luck and gave him a few blobs of Renate (mixed with Recovery). Surprisingly, he ate a few blobs, but only a few. Then, he protested big time, so I quickly stopped.

I am contemplating letting him go through with the tooth extraction. It comes with the risk of the general anaesthesia, but it is between the devil and the deep blue sea again – either live with this toothache and be unable to eat until the end of his days or at least have a chance of being relieved of the pain through the tooth extraction.

I don’t want Vincent to be in pain. I know his days are definitely numbered, but I would prefer him to have pain-free days. The surgery is 50-50, according to the vet. Our intentions are clear – we want to help him to have less pain.