Saying farewell to Vincent

I am comforted that Vincent’s passing was a very peaceful one and that it happened at home. He even came back to the bathroom and slept right in front of the entrance. It was like he had a choice to be exactly where he wanted to be.

I have always believed, in my limited experience, that animals choose the time of their passing. When it is time, they will let go.

No 50-50 surgery. No dilemma for me. Vincent decided it was time to go.

Golden lads and girls all must, as chimney sweeps, come to dust. 

Ginger was upset. He was mewing.

Tabs came to say goodbye too. A few times.

Zurik was on the rooftop, but he must have known, because he too came and we let him in to say goodbye.

Zurik and Vincent started off as the most bitter opponents, with Vincent trying his best to keep Zurik (the intruder) out of the porch, but Vincent finally relented and let Zurik stay. The two became good friends.

We have said our goodbyes now and Pet Memorial Services will do the last rites.

You led an amazing and unforgettable life, Vincent Bagheera. You are free now to move to a higher realm.

Life never dies, although we live. 
In midst of change and death, 
Only the forms shall pass away. 
And not the spirit’s breath. 

The consciousness can never die. 
Although it seems to fade. 
It doth but pass to other forms. 
Which thoughts and acts have made.

“There is no death” all nature cries. 
The rose will reappear. 
Its petal will more perfect be. 
After the winter drear. 

The tiny bird that lifeless falls.
A victim to its prey. 
Returns again in higher forms. 
Upon its upward way. 

From life to life more high and free 
The myriads forms evolve 
O may we learn to know the truth 
This mighty riddle solve. 

9 comments to Saying farewell to Vincent

  • Jennifer Chua

    I am sorry that you and your family have to go through this sufferings. Condolences. It has been a wonderful time following this journey. Thank you for sharing his journey. Thank you for the lessons presented.

    May Vincent be born in a realm where he can learn the dhamma and continue his journey in spiritual path.

  • Azi

    So sorry for your loss
    Rest well vincent
    It is time

  • Catherina Tay

    Vincent passing reminds me of my Tommy who was a CKD cat too.
    He passed away on 3 Dec 2018 and I still miss him so much everyday.
    Hope both of them can meet and play together at the rainbow bridge.
    Be happy guys. Always look after us down here yea..

  • Geeta

    So sad that Vincent has left for Kittyheaven.
    Kept up with the reading of all your posts on his health.
    I hope you and your pets will get over this loss.

    Vincent,meow meow and rest well.

  • Elaine

    RIP Vincent. Your courage reminds me to not giving up no matter how life can be. Dr Chan, your love and perseverance for Vincent is amazing.

  • Yim soi chee

    RIP Vincent 🙏🏻

  • Jane F

    Rest in peace Vincent, may your next life be as blessed as your present one, filled with love and care from a loving family.

  • BB Aminah

    My deepest condolences Dr Chan. Dear dear Vincent rest in peace.

  • Pet Memorial Services Sdn Bhd

    Sorry for your loss and thank you for using our service