Intruder alert!! Buddy attacks!!

Today, the lanky ginger intruder came again…..

This time, I had my phone with me.

Guess who was fighting him off?


Looks like Buddy regards our porch as HIS territory now.

Ginger lent some strength in terms of a few soft war-cries, but he seemed quite unperturbed. Is it because Lanky is also a ginger cat? Aha!! Racism?? Or, is it because Ginger is saying, “Hah!! Serves you right, Buddy….now, you fight, I’m not helping you!” 

But Mr Zurik was scared. He just hunched his back at the garbage compartment, away from the “happenin’ place”.

I helped Buddy shoo Lanky out of the gate. Buddy was at his best. He gave chase coupled with his mightiest war-cries and Lanky went into the drain.

Do you think Lanky came because he detected a “vacancy”. But there is no more vacancy, Lanky. We are not adopting anymore cats. Sorry! Even Buddy is just a guest who comes for food.

Buddy: What??? I’m JUST a guest?? I just helped you chase an intruder out and I’m JUST a guest??? Some gratitude, please? 

Thank you, Buddy, but er….you are a guest. You have your own home. Please go home.

It was only after the commotion and after the noise had died down that Zurik dared to eat. Poor Zurik…he was scared.

Don’t worry, Zurik. Our porch is yours.

Cow Mau and Indy wanted to help.

If we had unleashed Cow Mau and Indy, Lanky wouldn’t have stood a chance…or so we think?

I have a feeling Lanky will be back. And he won’t be an easy case.  He seems the determined kind.

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