The eating problem now

I think it’s because all the cats have been having a plethora of food lately, due to Vincent’s left-overs, now they are demanding for… “a plethora of food”!

Tabs hasn’t been eating raw food for sometime now. She’s been eating up whatever Vincent leaves behind. It was only today that she has started back on raw food. By the way, that plate is not meant for her. It’s meant for the Cow Clan.

Perhaps only Bunny is still the same – he eats everything and anything!

Cow Mau has become rather fussy now.

The biggest surprise is Ms Poldrey Hepburn. From a diehard-raw-food-only eater, she now rejects raw food totally and wants canned food! Hmmph….

Cleo is still eating her miniscule diet of a wee bit of raw food. She is VERY low maintenance.

Ginger’s appetite is the most affected of them all. I don’t know what he wants, but he is always mewing for food. I guess, it’s back to the dim sum days now. He wants a little bit, but frequently. Lately, he started vomiting and then asking for food again. For two days now, I’ve put him on AD and he’s been okay.

Heidi? Heidi is still with her half-boiled egg for breakfast, after taiji. That is a must. Other than that, she eats raw chicken fillet (but not Cubgrub) and only certain flavours of canned food. She didn’t use to be so choosy, but she is, now.

I’m good…I’m back to raw food now. I’m good.

Yes you are, Tabs. You are.

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