CNRM work in Johor (from Nujtiya Chareansouk)

Nujtiya Charensouk first started her CNRM work in Kangar, Perlis, helping her mother with street dogs.  That was way, way back in 2013 where we helped with our neutering, medical and food aid.

She stays in Johor and has been doing very effective and admirable CNRM work there as well. We have since helped Nujtiya with the neutering of 99 dogs and 4 cats over the years and when we were short on funds a new months ago, Nujtiya voluntarily “graduated” herself and started donating back to our Fund.

Now that we have launched our Project-Based Applications, she is welcomed to apply for our funds again, based on “projects”.

Even when Nujtiya was claiming from us all these years, she had always been very honest, accountable, responsible and transparent in her communication with us. There was a certain time when she was able to claim from another organisation in Johor and she sent us all the photos of every single dog she had claimed from that other organisation.

Here’s a report from Nujtiya on the few projects we have agreed to help her with now.

Dr Chan,

I have started CNRM since last year June for another area in Gelang Patah Johor (I named it “GP-Area B”). This place used to have about 20 dogs and I managed to catch them one by one and sent them to new homes, fruit plantation, durian plantation, rubber estate, chicken farm and factory. Some dogs come and go, so now I left only 3 adults dogs and 2 puppies to catch in Area B.

Area B is actually a place where the developer abandoned their dogs after they completed their project. Below are the list that I have rehome them to some different places:

1M (XiongXiong) – was infected with TVT & tick fever but now fully recovered and sent to fruit plantation at Senai Johor. The dogs here were given food twice a day. I visit him about once a month.
2F (HeiHei) – sent to a durian plantation at Chaah Johor. Not allowed to visit due to some private reason but trusted person as she is a good friend of a dog lover.
3F (May May) – sent to new home at Masai Johor – the owner is the aunt of a dog rescuer.
4M (Coco) – found swollen on face but now recovered and sent to a factory at Pasir Gudang Johor. Mostly taken care by a Burmese Guard who love dogs very much. He talked and comforted the dogs whenever I sent new dogs to this factory.
5M (JingJing) – found a big wound on his neck but now recovered after about 2 months treatment. Sent to the same factory as 4M.
6M (BaiBai) – found tick fever during castration but now recovered and sent to a Chicken farm at Pekan Nenas Johor. This boss and a worker take very good care of the dogs that I sent to them.
7M & 8M – sent to a new home at Permas Jaya Johor. The pups were freely roam in their garden at a corner lot house.
8F (Lucky) – sent to a new home at Pontian Johor. A teacher adopted this dog for her son and also her students, she wants them to be a more responsible person by taking care of the dog.
9M (ShaoZu) – son of 13F (Mumu). Was sent to a new home at Gelang Patah Johor. This pup bit the owner’s new shoes cost about RM100++, but they didn’t beat the pup at all. Furthermore, he always update me how playful is the pup.
10F (BaiMi) – sent to a rubber estate at Yong Peng Johor which owned by a true dog-lover couple. They live with the dogs inside the estate, so far without water supply and electricity yet. This dog was found infected with TVT after spaying but recovered. However, she went missing thrice. I managed to found her back for the first time but few weeks later she went missing again, back to the estate by herself a day later. Sadly she didn’t come back at all after she left for the 3rd time. I have searched over the place nearby but still I can’t find her… She is gone forever.
11M (BaYue) – sent to a rubber estate at Yong Peng Johor together with 10F (BaiMi). He is still there but overweight since everyday having good food 😊 I paid RM50 monthly to support them on dog food.
12F (XiaoXiao) – sent to a rubber estate at Yong Peng Johor where 11M (BaYue) lives in early Feb ’19. This dog is too timid to open for adoption. Till now, she is still tied up (with long chain) since she is too afraid to get closer to human. We don’t want to lose her again. I paid RM50 monthly to support them on dog food.
13F (MuMu) – was infected with TVT since last year and she was pregnant at that time. She delivered 2 pups in December – 9M (Shaozu) and15F (Melon) .
14F (XiaoDan) – Spayed and still stay in my house, she is too timid and I think she needs more time before I send her to the fruit plantation.
15F (Melon) – daughter of 13F (MuMu), a very cute and smart girl. She will pee at the pee tray and understand “sit” & “hand” so far. She was sent to a new home yesterday and I am glad she likes the place.
16M (ZhuDing) – This dog is new at “GP-Area B”, he was trapped in my trap cage last week when I intended to catch other female dogs. No choice, I brought him back (currently at my house) and plan to neuter him on this coming Sunday.
17F (Coco), 18F (Moon), 19F (XiaoLi) & 2 puppies – This place is now left only 3 female dogs & 2 puppies, I need to catch them within these 1.5 months before they on heat soon. These 3 dogs are super smart and difficult to catch. 17F (Coco) was actually spayed and released back last year since nobody wanted to adopt her at that moment. Anyway, I will catch her again and send to the fruit plantation.


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