Doby mix reunited with owner!


Thanks to the concerted efforts of Ms Yi Xin and her brother through the social media (and yes, thanks to social media), we managed to locate the owner of the Doby mix rescued yesterday. The owner was overseas but today, her husband came to reclaim the dog with their domestic helper (whom the dog responded to).

We would like to thank all who have helped, those who forwarded our appeal, and grateful thanks to those who put in extra efforts, namely Yi Xin, her brother and father, Mr Looi, the owner of Medifoods, Adeline Khaw and PAWS Animal Shelter.

We have also advised the owner to please put a collar with a tag containing the owner’s contact details on all his dogs.

To all dog owners, please ensure your dogs have tags at all times because animals do escape once in a while.  But do please secure your house compound to minimise the chance of escape because it has been reported to us that councils in various places have been going around to catch roaming animals.

Please keep your animals safely indoors.

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