Cow Mau and his first pilling session

Do you remember how challenging and utterly difficult it was to pill Cow Mau previously? It was near impossible.

Well, I have to pill him twice a day, for 5 days now, before his tooth extraction and again, for another 5 days, after.

My friend, Cathy, devised an ingenious way to pill her cat, who also went through major tooth extraction recently. Wrap the pill in bread, she said.

I thought it was brilliant.

So, this morning, I steamed the bread we have so that it would be soft.

That’s the super-soft organic (steamed and cooled) bread and that’s the Metrogyl (quarter tablet twice a day).

Wrapped it round tightly, as Cathy had successfully done with pilling her cat.

Target identified. Proceed.

Plonked the “bread” into his mouth, but I did not dare poke my finger in, because Cow has a history of biting real hard (I’ve had several tetanus jabs due to Cow bites). I think given his strength, he might even bite my finger off. So, I didn’t push the bread in as I would with other cats. I “threw” it in, straight at his throat and quickly closed his mouth.

It was a failure. He spat it out.

I don’t know why, but I did it again. Same modus operandi. I know, it’s insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, yes, I was insane. And desperate.

Out it came again.

I did it a third time, amazed that I had not been bitten yet. This is pushing it too far, I knew.

The third time failed miserably too. He spat it out and looked at it. However, he wasn’t angry (this is new – Cow not getting angry).

So, I went to get a plate of Monge. I know he loves Monge.

Cow was really excited when he smelled the Monge. Good, good.

Fourth attempt, I plonked it in (the same “insane” way), then quickly thrust the plate of Monge right at his mouth.

I am not sure if he spat out the bread as it’s the same colour as the food, but finally, there was no bread on the table or the floor and the whole plate of Monge was eaten, wiped clean.

I think I can declare victory…for this first round. 19 more rounds to go.

You ate the bread, right, Cow?

Cow: Hahahaha…

Despite his anger problem, Cow is a super affectionate (in the “manja gila” category) cat. Whenever he is “sick” or thinks he is sick, he makes sure he gets “hospital” privileges.

Like this.

And this.

No more being exiled to the pantry, he gets the room now. So, Bunny gets his favourite wooden chair beside me. And the girls have gone out now.

Actually, Cow and Bunny have already been coming into the room whenever they liked. We lost the Battle of the Hole. No matter how we fortified it, Cow managed to enlarge the hole for himself and Bunny to come in.

It’s as though Cleo “knows”, so she is voluntarily giving up her bench for Cow, rent-free.

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