The “bread peisi” method of pilling a cat

My friend, Cathy, devised this absolutely ingenious method, and coined it the “bread peisi” (“peisi” being Cantonese for “nose dirt”…hahaha).

And it’s so ingenious because the bread completely wraps in the (bitter) tablet and no matter how many times the cat spits it out, as long as it remains tightly wrapped, it doesn’t taste bitter at all, unlike using wetfood to wrap a tablet (where the tablet will dissolve making the whole thing bitter and the cat ends up associating the smell of the wetfood as “bitter food”).

My first try was at breakfast yesterday when I needed to do it 4 times. Then, dinner – only 2 times and today’s breakfast – 2 times too!

All successful and I did not get bitten – Hooray!

The “bread peisi” (the bitter tablet is wrapped in bread).

Some Cowfies below…

I think Cow has outgrown his petting anxiety syndrome. He likes being petted nowadays. Previously, he might only allow 3 seconds of petty after which he bites without warning and the victim would need a tetanus jab. But now, he’s totally okay. Probably mellowed with age.

Next Wednesday is Cow’s scaling and tooth extraction. The antibiotics is in preparation for that as the rotten tooth is infected.


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