Who wants to be the next taiji cat?

As you all know, Heidi is our taiji cat. She’s been practising taiji with us for years now. I bet she knows all the moves.

But our taiji practice at the park is also Heidi’s exercise sessions because she will do her “100m” sprints and sometimes, dashes up a tree.  She’s very happy doing this, and she gets her half-boiled egg yolk after the session.

Looks like Tabs wants to be our next taiji cat!

Note: Never learn taiji from watching a video. Always learn it from a qualified instructor, then if permitted to, watch the instructor’s videos as a follow-up or for revision only. That’s our instructor’s video, Master David Bao, world champion, 8th Duan, 7th generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple martial arts lineage.

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