Getting Mr Zurik to eat (more)

Mr Zurik started being the perfect host to Buddy (the neighbour’s cat). He welcomed Buddy to the porch, shared his food and left food for him.

Mr Z was a very gracious host.

Then, Buddy took advantage of him and started snatching his food.

This was during the time when I was busy with looking after Vincent and did not have time to monitor the entire feeding session in the porch.

Mr Zurik started losing weight and became quite thin.

Now, we have to shoo Buddy away because Mr Zurik doesn’t even dare to eat whenever Buddy is present. I tried giving Buddy some food, but he would go for Mr Zurik’s first. He thinks Mr Zurik gets better food.

Buddy has a home down the road, so he is actually okay, food-wise. He’s a good size.

But Buddy bullies me, so shoo-ing him away is very difficult. He bounces right back like boomerang.

A very persistent cat.

So, Mr Zurik devised a method to eat. Except for the early morning meals, Mr Zurik comes at odd times when Buddy has gone.

He would call me from the window sill.

Then, I feed him. And without Buddy, he dares to eat. In peace.

This morning, Zurik even ate Cubgrub, which is good.

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